Age 23 – My PIED is cured, had withdrawal symptoms, now feel great!

I started this journey because I didn’t feel good, because of all the negative effects this addiction had on me. PIED, Anxiety, Depression, Disturbing thoughts, NOW I feel awesome!  [My PIED] is cured. [I was watching] some really weird stuff, just like almost every addict lol.

It takes way more than just willpower. Willpower will not fix the root causes of the problem.

I did experience [withdrawal symptoms], but after recovery I didn’t had any besides feeling really great. I had them for like 4-5 weeks, I was really tired all the time really, lethargic, higher social anxiety, no motivation.

The reason for this post is to inspire others and also be part of the community as a helping hand for the ones still struggling with this.

I have been free from my addiction more than a year now and I can say that I will never go back again. I have changed internally and don‘t have any desire to watch porn anymore.

This is what a reboot is all about – killing your desire to watch porn!

Not some willpower BS that only makes your life harder and not easier.

Also another thing I did was stop counting the days. Many people think it’s way to stay motivated, but let’s be real the higher your streak the harder you will fall.

Progress isn’t measured by days of abstinence, but by how much less you need porn to go through daily life!

If you have any questions or struggles, feel free to DM me maybe I’m able to help you.


By CoachF