Age 23 – My success with women has jumped exponentially


In these 90 days I’ve become a much better person than I used to be, and that I could ever have hoped to be. And I couldn’t have done it without you. I shudder at the thought of being the person I used to be, someone caught in the throes of addiction, reaching for something that vanished the second it was acquired. Talk about hell.

I’m thankful to have gotten here by 23. I’ve done my part to share this message in person, and have recently gotten at least one good friend, hopefully a few others to join. Now is the time to start becoming the best versions of ourselves. Tomorrow may be too late. So I’ll drop a few things that helped me and can probably help you guys.

1) Cold showers, exercise, healthy are a must. But a psychological change is just as important. NoFap is a lifestyle, you can’t replace your habit with empty space. Let it be your life. Come here in the mornings, the evenings, whenever. Open up a success story, a meme, motivation, WHATEVER. Even if it doesn’t help you, good luck watching porn and being on NoFap simultaneously. This is the corner of the internet where there is guaranteed to be no triggering content.

2) To elaborate on the first point, this is a mind war. Set your sights and aspirations on the loftiest possible aim, don’t let the wind wind blow you astray. Power through the darkness and loneliness, they’re necessary pains from which you will emerge a stronger person than you could have ever imagined. This is a love affair with life, with every hour of every day. Everything that ruins your positivity constantly that you have control over is the enemy. See toxic things for what they are and REMOVE THEM before the thorns grow too tall. Trust me on that one. That is the battleground on which this war is fought. Remember that sleepless nights tossing and turning always meet the dawn.

3) We men (sorry to exclude the ladies on this one) are extremely tactile and obsessive for the most part. We need something to do with our hands. And we know what happens when you mix an idle mind and empty hands. Find a hobby, focus on that hobby, and it will begin to slowly sculpt your soul.

4) My success with women has jumped exponentially since starting this journey. But do not do it for the women. I must emphasize this. The best lesson I’ve learned here is that part of being an attractive man is being willing to turn down sex. Don’t ever see yourself having that power? I don’t even know you personally, but I KNOW you have it in you. And it feels so, so, so good. I have no idea when I’ll get laid next. Could be six months, a year, who knows. I don’t care. I have better things to do. These songs won’t just record themselves.

Reach out to me if you need support, any hour of every day. Maybe things will change and I’ll fall down, but I intend to pick myself up. I’m looking to 120, 150, 180, 210… But who’s counting?

Peace be with you.

LINK – Well there’s a 90 on that counter. Here are a few thoughts and some advice to thank you all for your endless support.

By adropintheocean29