Age 23 – No more brain fog, ability to focus improved a lot, My eyes are brighter, More willpower, Greater confidence

As the title says I completed yesterday 108 days of no PMO and what I want to share with you is not all the benefits that I see in myself although I will share them too but what I think as my secret for success. But first the positive things

The benefits I see:
-no more brain fog
-self discipline at extreme level(so no more procrastination)
-body strength at level I never reached (I had workout everyday in the last 108 days)
-ability to focus improved a lot(I read all harry Potter’s in 6 days)
-my eyes are brighter
-my mind is cleaner
-healthy living
-personal cleanliness improved
-no more shame in showing my PC or smartphone to friends
-more willpower
-more confidence

But as I said, it’s not the important thing because for me the key to success was my mind switch and it all came from six words:


What I mean by that and to whom is directed my message?
Well is directed to the people like me. People that are here not only because of P but also because P made them feel insecure, failures and be totally ashamed of theirselves to sum up in one word I started it because of one fact:

I was a loser. Loser in every aspect of my life, I was late for my degree, I wasn’t a good athlete and I always sucked with girls.
How to change the person I was to become another one? Again:


What I mean by that? Simply that attitudes makes behavior, in fact a person with a winner’s attitude act like a winner, so it must be true also the reverse, behavior makes attitudes so that if I acted like a winner I would become it. So that’s it I fake it to be a winner until I finally become it, reaching 108 days of no PMO and setting my goals for the future. But I’m still too general how could you do in daily life?

Simply, 2-minutes technique, take 2 minutes for you to feel like a winner every time you have a chance. I’ll give you examples from my daily lives hoping they’ll help you:

-I meditate 15 minutes everyday, during the meditation for around 2 minutes I lift my chin and arms up as I’m lifting a cup and smile to feel like a winner, after that I’m the same as always but feeling like a winner

-every time I go to a restaurant or a pub and I have to sit I don’t sit as I used to, in the angle and making my self the smallest I can, I open up and stay proudly of myself for 2 minutes, after I feel confident and keep the position

– if you scroll through my journal you will see a lot of optimism and good feelings after workouts and studies and after fighting urges: reality? Every day after my workouts I feel like I can’t do more like I want to quit and the same for the headaches after studying for hours and the urges when they hit.

What I do? In my diary and journal I write down only the winning thing, the optimistic thing, that I studied not that it was painful, and I kept on lying to myself about how I feel until this how I really feel by now because I kept on faking that I was a winner and now I am. Because I forced myself to be someone I wasn’t and now I am. So if you a personal goal to become a certain type of person just don’t set impossible expectations: think how they are the persons you want to become and act like them until you will be one of them.

Here is the only secret I want to share with you: six simple words that changed my life and hopefully also yours:


LINK – 108 days hard mode: my secret

by fg4795