Age 23 – No more ED and Delayed Ejaculation, happiness and confidence are back.

I’ve been extremely addicted to porn and masturbation since around age 11

I would fap on average 2-3 times a day, there wasn’t a day I didn’t

I was severely depressed from 13-16 and on and off until now at age 23

I remember getting into my first girl and not being able to cum after fucking for an hour, it was ridiculous and really disappointing but I was so used to my hand it didn’t work

I remember having sex with multiple girls and not being able to keep it up or get it up

I was watching hardcore porn that escalated massively

I fucked up a promising career and lost motivation for life

I resorted to fucking ugly girls as I didn’t have the confidence to get anything else

Since no fap I realised PMO was the key source of my anxiety and depression. I have confidence booming through the roof, I can talk to any girl no issue hot or not and I will pull. My job is back on track and my boss is happy with me for once. My money is getting saved well I’m at the gym 4 days a week and getting big! I’ve slept with the hottest girl I’ve ever been with within 4 hours of meeting her and then having the confidence to call it a day when she played up and went onto the next I got rid of a leeching girl who used me. I look good, I went to festivals and had fun.

I can stay hard during sex multiple times After my flatline my happiness is coming back I feel good again, I really feel ok for the first time in years I’m looking at starting my exams again to get my money up more

I can keep going for days, never give in boys

I don’t care how bad the urges are, I have one right now while I type this but I don’t give a fuck I’m not trading all of that for 5 seconds of enjoyment

You Have Got This

I’m begging you, make it to 30 days and you will feel the world around you change.

Love you bros, thanks again for letting me find you all.

LINK – How my life has changed after 40+ days

By – u/Plastic_Employment_4