Age 23 – People say I glow!

36 days in! I’ve been approached by chicks. People say that i glow! Social skills +10! I found love for life and MYSELF! I feel like a King👑

60 more days until i can earn a 👑. Still fucking proud.

To my friends: Y’all are addicted to p0rn, you do NOT get prostate cancer from 3 months of nofap. It only makes sense to you ’cause you’re addicted to p0rn.

To my friends: I did not call you a pedo. Just pointing out that you can never know how old (or abused) the girl you’re tugging to is.

Good-bye p0rn. You do not make sense in my or my friends life.

See yah never p0rn✌🏽


Just want to say how fucking proud i am of this community b4 i start. You made me reach 20 days of hardmode! Fight the good fight!

My (23M) story of healing starts off with me being an refugee from Afghanistan, i came to Norway 🇧🇻 with my family when i was 5. As some might argue, i was a little traumatised. I was knee deep in /b and just degenerate shit by the time i was 14. I surrounded myself with death and pron to try to understand my traumatic experiences. Little did i know that it would just add to the pain. I remember that i would laugh at the most inappropriate times, just because i was so desensitised. I just had pain, and i really did not know what to do with it.

By the time i was 16-17 i was so fed up. So i decided to quit porn. And i did for 3 whole months! I got confident and girls started to make out with me at parties, just many females around me. I weighed 135 kg when i was 17, so i started Keto and IF because of the girls, and lost 36 kg in 3 years. Life was amazing! Girls loved me, i had my fun! But all good things come to an end.

At one of the usual house parties, i was making out with this girl “M” from my English class. A real qt3.14. But me being a gentleman realised that she was too drunk, so i told her that we can have a movie night the next day. And we fkn did! I was exited! Mb my first GF ever!

I come to the house and we make out a little, put on a movie. Were like fooling around and i try to make my move, slipping my hand down her pants. But she stops me. Cold feet i thought, but its fine. We finish the movie, i gave her a smooch and i go home. We’re both virgins at this time.

Next day i get a breakup message. Saying were not a good match for each other. And i didnt talk to her after that.

All off a sudden i heard rumours that i had raped her. Those words still haunt me. I tried talking to her, but she refused. I told my mom everything. And she said it was not even close to rape. And i knew that to be true, but after 4 years, i felt like a fucking rapist. I stopped hooking up. Didn’t even kiss a girl for 4 years after. I felt DISGUSTING. Me and M talked 4 years after. And she said she was just “confused” and confirmed that i did NOT rape her. (Btw she never apologised, god knows what fucked her up in the past.)

I did loose my virginity the next week. But as we all know, the damage was already done. My sexuality was gone. I still felt disgusting. Just fucking disgusting. And it spiraled. I did manage to find a now EX-GF when i was 22, she saved me in many ways! But most importantly, she proved to me that i could be loved. And most importantly, that i deserve love.

So now we reach the presence. I realised that i need to find love for myself. And respect my body. Pron is not safe, will never be. Especially when you are trying to heal your sexuality. I just trigger my past traumatic experiences with pron, and now is where it stops.

You don’t need porn, you dont need to PMO, i have many points in my life lost everything, PMO was not there to help me. I helped me! And i can do it again!

NOFAP will never be anything else than healing. Love yourself and love will come to you!

Thank you for your time Warriors!


Fake rape accusations ruined my sexuality. And I’ve been on a mission to regain my sexuality, self love and respect for my body and mind.

Side note: Therapy is really recommended, it will help you realise your patterns so you can break the vicious circle!


By Nofap-Storytime