Age 23 – Presence is great, I can spot interest in girls easier


Hey guys after a wild ride of 3 years stumbling upon this community. I finally hit my largest streak of 91 days on Christmas day. My life has turned around & abundance has leaked through all parts of my life. I honestly do feel the universe rewards you, or parts sea when you make the right effort. Heres the benefits/impact.

  • Agression is back, I feel drive for more flirtatious contact with girls & a fun sporty competitiveness with guys. I feel like my willpower is much stronger & assertive. Rather than being a passive lame, I voice myself & what I want in the world, & go after it.
  • Presence is great. When Im somewhere, I know why & what Im looking for, so my body language naturally expands & flows with my purpose. I let people know im here, in a friendly not insecure manner. & firmly stand my ground versus when I used to be timid of space & hide.
  • I stop caring in a great way. Peoples opinions, thoughts, dont matter like before. I used to obsess what peeps thought of me. Now I can make a stunt, or fool outta myself. As long as Im myself, im happy. & people tend to like it better. They feel like they can actually get to know me, & i can get to know them, rather than just playing it safe. & if they dont like me, oh well. Move on.
  • Attraction is really sweet. I have alot of girls eyeball me, smile, & introduce themselves making the first move. When I speak to them, its weird they just unload themselves like if they are worried about my validation. Giving me the power & upperhand. My thoughts used to be “Ohh gee wiz I hope she’ll like me”. Now to “Im sure shes down to fuck”. I feel like I can spot interest in girls easier, than before when it was like unraveling a riddle. Cards are alot easier to play now. It feels all natural.
  • Socializing is alot smoother. I feel more intuned with people. Like I can read body language better, social cues & understand them more than surface level. Helps connecting with people easier. I am also more open, friendly & playful. A nice improvement from worrying about saying the wrong things, being serious & flat. To colorful & more interested.
  • Career: I have a strong drive for art. I actually scored my dream job back after being fired. I used to have the lowest sales out of laziness & lack of motivation to work. Butt now, I have some of the highest sales, & even beat some of the sales over the seasoned artists. I love work, & Its so rewarding to be back.
  • Family…I embrace them more. I play & savior the time with them, especially my nieces & nephews. I learn so much from them & I remind myself to be light & childlike. I have a great time, where before we used to numb out, & ignore one another. Feels awesome to vibe with what blood makes us together.
  • Health is improving. My mediations are deeper & more impactful. I have alot of extra energy sometimes that I dont even know what to do with, its like have extra cash. So I work out, dance, or run around with my nieces/nephews to get the energy out. I also feel like I can tough through things better. Versus before where I was just give up easily.

Thank you everyone for this great community. Through your stories, advice, & hilarious top comment jokes…have all paved the way & helped my 91 day streak. If any questions, or feedback, feel free. It has truely been the greatest gift.

Ill be 24 in january.

LINK – Day 91 & the greatest gift…

By groovy4dabooty