Age 23 – Some ED, thought sexuality had been altered: I now feel more attracted to women and I feel more confident.


This is the first time I’ve written in the forum and I’m pleased to do it because I’ve been able to spend 61 days without PMO and 115 days without P. I’m from Argentina and my English is not the best but I do what I can:’). Anyway, I’ll tell you about my experience. I started leaving Porn 115 days ago, it cost me a lot, I used to masturbate several times a day.

I made the decision to start the reboot because I moved away from true sexual intercourse, I was afraid to fail (sometimes I hadn’t had an erection). And I even thought I had changes in my sexuality. All this led me to states of depression and anxiety.

During the reboot, in the first few days I was eager to masturbate, then around 25-30 days the wet dreams began. I still have them once in a while. After 35 days the blue balls began. Right now my balls hurt haha.

As for the benefits, the clearest thing I could feel is that it excites me more easily, I feel more attracted to women and I feel more confident. Besides, I’m not all day thinking about masturbating or having sex.
I haven’t had sex with a girl yet, but I’m not terrified of the idea, but I’m really looking forward to having a date.

Anyway, this is my summary, maybe some things are missing, but I know that I’m on the right track, I had many of the signs as I told you, so let’s go forward.

Greetings comrades and do not let it decay!


by rodrigo087