Age 23 – Panic attacks gone, went back to college and graduated top of my class!

Hey! I’m 23 and I officially I have 2 years and 9 months of nofap hardmode! (2018 and 2019 completely free)

Almost 3 years ago I decided to drop out college due to very bad anxiety, panic disorder with agoraphobia and major depression. I tried nofap in the past but only once made 300 days and after that I rarely passed 30. I was willing to try anything at that time to feel a bit better: meds didn’t work, meditation just a bit and for a short time and so on. When I started, I’ve fapped daily for 3-4 times for more months.

And I started nofap. Still felt very bad, even worse during first 4-5 months. After those months, I started feeling better. At start, I couldn’t go to shop by myself without extreme agoraphobia and panicking there. After those 5 months I observed I can go to more places without that fear, then to more and more places, so I decided in August 2018 to go back to college and it was the best decision I made. Now 2 years later, I finished college, being top of my class. 🙂

I can finally leave my house without that fear, didn’t get any panic attacks in the last year and a half. Sure, I still have mild social anxiety and mild depression but maybe this is my character.

The benefits I experienced are:

  • far less anxiety and sadness
  • great mental clarity and memory
  • more ambition and motivation
  • a bit more social
  • more confident and aggressive
  • more energy even when sleeping only 5 hours
  • music sounds a lot better now
  • far less acne
  • my eyes look brighter and my skin looks better.

It is true that Nofap didn’t help me with the girls, maybe I’m a bit more confident around them. They still ghost me and ignore me, so I’m still kissless handholdless virgin at my age. But I accepted my status that it’s possibly to never have a girlfriend. 🙂

Keep it up 😀

LINK – 2 years and 9 months!!! Nofap didnt give me superpowers but changed my life

by AlexanderSolo97