Age 23 – ED gone. You don’t realize the things you lack until you begin your journey.

I’ve finally reached my goal of sustaining from P and M for 150 Days. I began PMO during my Freshman year of high school ( I’m graduating from college next year ) it’s crazy to think back and realize in all these years this is the first 150 Days that I’ve left these things behind. I’m writing this to get others motivated to start NoFap or to continue their journey on this path, as I’ve been motivated through my 150 days by all the other people on this website. I have learned a lot about myself in these past months and I want to share some of my personal tips and advice to keep you going as well.

(Please excuse my English I’m not very good )

To start with, I didn’t realize how damaging PMO was until it was too late. In my case, I was introduced to it by my peers who gave me the impression that it was normal to engage in these things constantly and so I did. Over the course of my entire freshman – end of the senior year, PMO was a normal routine for me practically every week for those 4 years. I was unaware that this was an issue until my first real relationship. Prior to this relationship I had a lot of experience with other girls but never felt fully ready to have sex. By this time It was about 6 months into this relationship we had only done oral for the majority of this time and until we both felt ready enough to have sex. When It came to the real deal I had no response to anything she did which confused me because we’ve done oral with no problems before. We ended up trying another 4 or 5 times with the same results. That relationship eventually ended and I was truly devastated I felt so alone and dead after the entire situations, you wouldn’t believe all the thoughts that were going through my head at this point. I thought I was broken forever, I did a lot of research about it and came across this very NoFap website. This was my moment of true explanation as of what happened to me. I began trying to start NoFap streaks but failed over and over a countless amount of times, this is when I realized how strong of a habit it had become. ( It took me over a year ) But this time I knew I couldn’t continue anymore and I had to make a change and pick myself up from this mess. I’m going to explain how I did it in these short 3 simple steps to try and help anyone going through this mess.

How I did It In 3 Simple Steps

1) Journaling – I wanted to make sure I remembered the reason I wanted to stop PMO on my journey so the first thing I did was to buy a small notebook and write down my reason for why on the first page, on the following pages I just wrote down my feelings and the things going on relating to my PMO and just writing down any little things that I could notice happening. This was very helpful as I could just review my writings if I felt bad that day. I kept this book in a very secure place so that only I knew where It was to ensure I could be completely open to myself and let all my thoughts be recorded. This step also allowed me to plan for the future very effectively.

2) Exercise – I can’t stress this one enough, In the beginning of my 150 days, I knew I needed to try something else to release stress so I decided to stop giving myself excuses on why I can’t go to the gym and just went in one day. At first I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but eventually after going after a while I started to get the hang of it and it was actually starting to be really fun and enjoyable for me It eventually got to a point I was constantly in the gym just to get all the other benefits from working out and staying active. I started to look and feel way more confident at this point I can’t tell if it was from NoFap or working out consistently but this was probably the most important decision of my entire journey. I HIGHLY encourage all of you to do some form of physical activity weekly and write about it on your journal, it doesn’t even have to be in a gym you can literally walk around your neighborhood or something reasonable like such.

3) Be social – This was also an important step in my journey. Talk to people, Learn new things about people, hang out with friends more, show that you’re caring of others. Even if you are introverted, having a connection with even just a few people is of most importance. I’ve learned that having someone there or people there to listen and be listened to makes life just that much easier. As well as serving as a way to distract you from PMO or any other things that might be going on with you. Really try building relationships with other people and care about them as you’d care for good friends this will help you develop a lot of social skills and abilities as well as make any social anxieties you might have lessen as it did for me.


  • You don’t realize the things you lack until you begin your journey.
  • I wake up everyday feeling energized and prepared for the day as before I didn’t.
  • I don’t feel any urges to return to PMO habit.
  • I’m more alert and responsive.
  • I truly enjoy having conversations with people.
  • I feel way more positive and have a better outlook on things
  • I’m more engaged to try new things and learn
  • I started my own business

Now I can finally say my life feels to be on the right path, especially since I’ve met someone special from my local gym that I’ve been going to (she approached me first) and we’ve now been spending a lot of time together. I was more interested in her as a person then I was interested in forming any type of sexual relationship with her at first but one night we got together and everything just seemed to flow well and it ended up working out amazing, I literally was the hardest of my life that night. We have been having an incredibly intimate relationship together ever since and I’m truly so happy to be on this journey. I will continue this life change for the rest of my being.


Every day won’t feel like sunshine and rainbows because of NoFap, especially in the beginning, I had terrible withdrawal-like symptoms and had no drive to accomplish the simplest things. When you go through this phase please stay strong ITS WELL WORTH THE CHANGE OF HABITS. Don’t just sit around and wait for change to happen actively try to challenge yourself to be in new situations even if they don’t feel comfortable at first. ( like the gym ) “Be better this week then you were last week” is one of my favorite quotes I came across while I was on this and I try my very best to live up to it. Also, aside from PMO also look at other habits you might be doing that isn’t benefiting you or making your happier as a person.

If you have any questions I’m here to help you!

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

LINK – 150 Day NoFap + Story ( If I can, you can too )

by NASALiftguy