Age 24 – 4 years in, my brain now learns and understands

Am 24. Symptoms [related to porn use]? A whole fucking bunch to list- didn’t realize it at the time when I began nofap, but now that I’m about 4 years into this nofap lifestyle and with a 300 day streak- my perspective is much different than before.

​A couple of them would be PIED, couldn’t control impulsive action (eating shit, checking out girls, lack of self-restraint), and just extreme fatigue (feeling drained (lol) all the time).

​Benefits? Ha.

Do this sometime. I like visualizing, so if you haven’t tried it- you should too.

​Picture yourself as a ghost, attending your own funeral. You’re literally 6 feet under and all of your family, friends, and relatives are there- giving their memoirs about you. Imagine what your mom, father, brother/sister, uncle, cousin, and best friend would say about you. What exactly do they say? Dig deep. Really think of what they would say, if you were to drop dead literally 1 second from now. How would you leave this Earth in their eyes?

​With that still in mind, ask yourself- what would you want them to say about you? Again, really spell out the words here. He was a hardworking, diligent, young, funny, charismatic, and charming individual.

​Then ask yourself: why and how am I going to become that person.

​Then you just become that person.

I didn’t fap even once these last 3 semesters. If i can do it so can u. Literally rock hard boners when I wake up now. And I’m talking about like a cylindrical rock type boner =P

I had flashes of pornography on the daily- even when I didn’t consciously think about it. So quitting really freed up alot of, I guess you could use the term “storage” (as in brain storage). Pornography is a powerful drug; it is by far one of the most appealing things to this day- and if you were a hardcore user like I was… random and sudden flashes of pornography are an extremely common occurrence.

Once the brain storage/space freed up from abstaining pornography- suddenly, you are able to think clearer. You have a “cleaner” or more “malleable” brain. The seeds which grew into trees, that pornography planted, are now gone. Enabling you to plant different and more conducive seeds (learning, understanding concepts, etc.)

I hope that helps and please don’t be discouraged. I see your counter is at 18 days, but I do not know how long you have been on the nofap journey- please don’t be discouraged! It took me about 2 years to finally hit the 90 day “reset” goal of nofap. I am 4 years into this process.

A good analogy using fat people logic, I have nothing against- but it’s a very good analogy is this:

Fat people take 5 years to put on all of that extra weight, but want to get rid of it in 5 weeks. It doesn’t work like that. And the same applies to PMO.

The key is Kaizen. Constant and consistent improvement- in every skill you do and everyday you do it.

It’s easy to just be like: Okay I’m gonna do this, this, this, AND this- everyday, for the next year!!!… and then burn out a week or two later.

Like a building, a foundation is essential. Please read the comment I replied to Old_Spare in this thread.

So, what I would like to address is the “key”. The key is your why.

Ask yourself, why am I doing this? You must ask yourself this every single day. Why. What is my purpose, why am I here? Constantly asking, why am I putting myself through this? Everybody else is taking hot ass showers, 15 fucking minutes- so long that the light in the bathroom turns off (motion detector). Everybody else gets to eat such good food- rice, cooked in lots of oil, fried food, candy, soda. Why am I stuck eating raw fruits and veges and beans and potatoes (without any seasoning or salt added)- literally in its most whole form without any form of added flavoring. Why?

Why am I waking up at 4 AM to study when everybody else is fucking asleep? Why am I going to yoga and doing double sessions, every single day? Why am I going to BJJ, every single day- twice a day? Why am I meditating everyday- morning when I wake up and night, until I fall asleep?

Until you have a solid answer to these questions… you aren’t going to get anywhere. Or you might do it for a couple of months- but that’s nothing. Try doing it for a year- scratch that, try doing it every single year- until you die.

Everybody has a different “why”. And remember this:

When the why is strong enough, the how will follow.

I hope this helped.

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