Age 24 – Back to my happy go lucky self

I was a kind of happy go lucky person before I got this addiction. I enjoyed reading, create electronic things and also hang out with my friends. But its all changed after I got this damn porn addiction.

I became someone who was emotionally unstable (angry and sad without a particular reason), lost my desire to hangout and pretty much loves to just lying around and get ready for my special porn occasion, easily get distracted and tension even though it was just a minor problem. And the most devastating thing was, my relationship with friends and parents were very terrible. It was rough, I admit it.

But!! That was yesteryear, right now, I feel so alive, my sibling and parents also spotted the changes. All those breakdown right now return back to me again and I felt so happy when I realized that I had been freed from the addiction.

Man, if only I can just transfer this feeling into you right now, hahaha. But sure is, in our life, including me and you, we will always have ups and down. Sure thing, before this, I was always engaging PMO whenever I felt sad and stress before I came into this book. But now, when I felt down, whenever I remember my freedom, I couldn’t feel any more happier than before.


By – neo97