Age 24 – Day 122 and PIED healed

Hey guys! I’m happy to say that my PIED is healed but I also want to help others so here’s my story from the start (I’ll make it simple I promise).

Before nofap

13 y/o: I started to watch porn at least one time per day in the morning or before going to sleep (or both). Now I am 24 years old.
16 y/o: I got my first girlfriend Sara and had successful sex for years with this same girl.
17 y/o: Still with Sara but still watching porn everyday even if I have a healthy sexual life with a partner
21 y/o: Still in couple with Sara and still watching porn everyday. PIED started to show up because wasn’t able anymore to have easy erections with her. At that time I didn’t know what PIED was. I went to see a doctor and he prescribed Cialis to me. It didn’t work. At that point, I started to have anxiety and I was afraid of having sex with Sara because I knew that I had difficulties to get hard.
22 y/o: My relationship with Sara ended and I was afraid to date other women because of my condition. At this point I didn’t know the existence of PIED yet.
23 y/o: I tried to date 4 different women and experienced PIED again and it made me weaker and more afraid about having sex.
24 y/o: I discovered an interview about PIED and understood that this was happening to me for multiple years. I started my no PMO HARDMODE journey.

My nofap journey

Day 1 to 10: It was very hard to resist urges to masturbate but I understood that I needed a STRONG WHY. I needed to know why I was doing no PMO and I wanted to make sure that this WHY will always be stronger than my sexual urges.

Day 11 to 30: The temptations were harder and harder to resist so I created a exit plan that I needed to execute everytime I had a urge. My rules are: delete all sexual triggers (Instagram, tinder, bumble, facebook, youtube, tumblr, etc), if I get a urge I HAVE TO RUN AND LEAVE THE ROOM and never touch my penis except to shower or to pee. I applied those rules during all of my journey and it helped a lot. Plus, my WHY was very strong.

If you want to know my why: It is important to me to have a great relationship with my girlfriend and I think that sex is important. I am young and I don’t want to miss all of my best sexual years because of porn and immediate pleasure. An other point is that I don’t want to encourage the porn industry because they ruin lives, they abuse women and men and they created PIED. For me, these reasons are so strong that they will overcome every sexual urge that I have during my reboot.

Day 31 to 60: My journey was getter easier and easier. Urges were gone and I didn’t even think about sex. I still didn’t have morning woods or random erection during the day so maybe I was not healed yet or was in a flatline state.

Day 61 to 90: I signed up on tinder because I thought that I was ready to try sex and confirm that I was healed. I met a girl for a one night, everything was very great but when it was time to have sex, I limp-dicked her. It means that I didn’t have any form of erection all night. NADA. Nothing worked. Next morning with this girl, I had a 1/4 of a boner and she felt it to she tried again and touched it with her hand… here’s the result: I came in 2 seconds without any erection. You heard right: I ejaculated while my dick was at its rock-bottom (limp). I didn’t understand what happened and it made me scared about sex again.

Day 92: I met a girl and had the crush of my life. I tried to have sex with her and nothing worked. I limp-dicked her too. In my mind, I wasn’t healed at all and I still had PIED. But I wanted this girl so bad. You know what I did? I told her everything on this first date. I told her about my PIED experience, in fact I told her everything you are reading right now. She understood and accepted to have other dates with me.

Day 100: I am in love with this girl and she is in love with me. We tried oral sex because she was in her periods, and IT WORKED!!! 100% WORKED!! NO DICK PROBLEM. And I tell you, it worked multiple times. At that time, I realized that the fact that I told her everything deleted all of my sexual anxiety and my fear about sex. I limp-dicked her the first time because I was afraid and I was expecting PIED again.

Day 101 to 110: I experienced morning woods every morning and random erections all day for the first time in my journey. I realized that being transparent and honest with my girlfriend (yes she is) unlocked every missing pieces that I needed to recover.

Day 111 to 122: I now have successful sex (oral, vaginal, anal) without any problem and without using any pill and I can last more than an hour of intense sex with her. She even told me that she never had sex as good as this with anyone else.

I can say that I am healed now because I am not afraid of sex anymore.

Guys, don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any question or if you want to know some details that I forgot to mention. Keep up the good work! YOU WILL HEAL

LINK – Day 122 and PIED healed