Age 24 – DE gone; stronger, longer and easier erections

24M So I’m in day 97, i want to share my full experience during this Journey

· More self-confidence

· Stronger, longer and easier erections

· I got four flatlines during this time, I hate those weeks but I now feel good

· Anxiety has decreased

· I no longer have suicidal thoughts, and feel love for my family

· Social skills have improved

· People seem to have more respect

· Strong eye contact, other people divert their look

· I feel happy for no reason sometimes

· Dreaming every day

· I have had some dreams about watching porn, but I resisted all the urges.

· My performance in gym and at running is crazy, I now run and go ahead a lot of people, I don’t feel tired so often

· One month ago, I met a new girl at my job, we started dating and having sex, sex is amazing, I now feel everything and don´t care about porn, I can feel the blood flowing through my penis and can climax finally. And I don’t see her just like something sexual I really care about her and feel good things like love and empathy

· I am no longer a pervert with every girl I see, I just don’t care

· I will count the days no longer, being pornfree is just my new lifestyle

· I feel more like a man now

Keep strong all of you, I hope you can break these chains.

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By rebooter1996