Age 24 – Four-month quitting changed my life. Come on, brothers (pictures)

I’m 24 years old. Before, I had masturbated more than 10 years old. In primary school, I was misled by a classmate’s words. From then on, I have embarked on an endless road.


After I retired from the army in 2010, I lost my hair so much. When I washed hair every day, it would drop a lot. In less than two years, I became like a little old man. At that time, I was desperate and very self-inferiority. I did not dare to go out without a hat. But I couldn’t get rid of masturbation all the time.
In August, When I used the medicine for my hair, my neighbor, an old man, as a China’s Medicine Doctor, told me that, I would make body hollow inside and I couldn’t cure me then, if I tried to masturbate later. And all in all, what he said was fearful. I was really scared.
(And of course, as long as you start to quit, you can recover.)

At that time, I forcibly got rid from filth for more than three months. At the beginning, several times I almost couldn’t bear it. Later, I was confident that my hair was effected little by little. I, sending this post, has no other meaning, and just would like give everyone confidence. Cheer brothers, don’t give up and miracle will appear!!!
(This is a post translated from the China’s anti-filth forum, the JieSe Forum.)

For the guide book for quitting filth and salacity, CTM and health preserving theory of which may solve your many question in quitting, you can download it in the below.

LINK – Four-month quitting changed my life. Come on, brothers.

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