Age 24 – Four years of struggling: Mood skyhigh and erectile dysfunction absolutely gone


Just wanted to post here that [I] had sex 3 days ago and rock-hard erections, no loss of hardness at all. After-effect of sex, mental symptoms are not that bad anymore. Withdrawals are gone, and everything feels amazing. All I can say is this process works. Hang in there.

Thank you to all those who supported me.

LINK – Mood skyhigh and ED absolutely gone!!

by auzzie_mikey

Post from 2 months earlier

Reached 90 days after 3 years. Need to cement this seed entirely for my entire full life ahead of me

So I’ve been in this journey a long time. I have all the knowledge, yet I keep failing.

I want to cement this no PMO entirely for my whole life NOW. Each time the urge comes to PMO or do anything arousing, the horror of 3 month withdrawals that I passed between Feb – May 2018 I remember. Its a simple choice for me right now. Rather continue a happy, stress free life, where I’m happy at the moment not PMOing. OR PMO and then suffer bouts of withdrawals here and there.

I’m 24 this year and turning 25, a QC… Quarter Century. Time to cement this 90 day seed has begun.

I have never given MY ALL, like I have this time for PMO. Desperate times seek desperate measures. That’s why I went the entire 90, because withdrawals were so bad.

Let’s keep on this journey guys, remember day by day. Small battles lets win and then look forward to the BIGGER PICTURE…