Age 24 – I don’t look at girls like I’m doing them in my head anymore. They flirt with me now.

I (24M) made it to 90 days yesterday, and it was only my 3rd attempt. My first was like 2 years ago and that lasted idk a week maybe, my second started in June and lasted close to a month but I was traveling and visiting family and I was super bored some of the time so relapsed then, but when I got home is when I actually started watching videos on NoFap. I think I kept relapsing because I didn’t truly know what was on the other side. I just thought I’d get maybe a little more work done or something.

I started watching videos of men who had successfully done it and found very very very few with anything negative to say. I figured why would so many people say something if it weren’t true.

So I committed and yes I had urges and stuff but man it is all about your mindset. It is NOT that tough unless you tell yourself it is. If I ever was horny I did 2 things:

  1. Go to YouTube and search “watch before you relapse NoFap” to get some great content and remind yourself instantly why you’re doing this and why you need to continue doing it.

  2. I would ask myself “do I want to fap to this girl right now and have some instant gratification, OR delay gratification and a few months actually be having the real thing?” It was a no brainer for me.

Yes some days were tough. I felt alone, horny as shit, and a bit bummed out from time to time, but this really didn’t take up a lot of the journey.

At the start I was pretty sick. I would photoshop girls I know’s heads onto pornstars and shit. Like it was bad. Hope I didn’t give anyone any ideas there.

But I was in such a slump man, and that’s because of my energy and mindset.

I can 100% say that as of the last week and a half my life with women has taken a 180.

First of all I got with a milf, something I would never have dreamed of doing 90 days ago.

Last week I got with a girl from high school I have always wanted to, and then later that week went out to a bar with her and her sister and her friend (all I had known before but hadn’t seen in like 3 years), and they just kept telling me how much I’ve changed and how good I look. I’d been working out for a couple years before doing NoFap, but I feel like not a lot of people have noticed or said much about it.

2 weeks back I was at my older cousin’s (28F) birthday and her friend who I’ve always had a fat crush on was flirting with me… in the past I feel she’s never even given me the time of day. She was grabbing my muscles and came to talk to me like 4 different times that night. I saw her a week later and she was even more flirty and demanded I give her a big hug right when I saw her.

I noticed it’s also just the energy I put out, I don’t look at girls like I’m doing them in my head anymore, I’m just chill and have a new found confidence with talking to people, like we’re just 2 people.

At the gym I’ve been making a lot of eye contact with girls also. Like a pretty noticeable amount.

And the best thing is my dream of being a show creator. I’ve been creating an animated series for years now and it felt like I was in a slump and not going anywhere with it, but over this period I’ve almost finished my first episode (it’s an animatic so there mouths don’t move and some motions are choppy but thats what an animatic is) and I could not be more proud of it. Also I would never even share my dream to people because I figured everyone would just put me down and say I couldn’t do it but now I just don’t give a fuck what people say. I share it with everyone.

I’m not saying any of this to brag of course but to show you it does work. What would I have to gain from saying otherwise? You can fucking do this. 90 days FLIES BY. I swear to you.

One thing I’d say is try to delete your social media. Not accounts maybe but apps from your phone. Or at least unfollow hot girls.

That shit is the most tempting for sure.

Also I figured right at 90 days I’d want to torque my monkey silly, but I really don’t. I feel my brain is truly rewired and I’m a different person than I was 3 months ago. People can feel that energy. Everything is energy and this is the biggest cleansing of yours you can do.

Today is a great day to start as it’s the beginning of a new month. I started September 1. Don’t think “oh I’ll wait til New Years” no, get a head start on it now, that way you’ll be even more committed to sticking to it once the new year starts as opposed to all the people that give up on their resolutions after starting January 1. You could be at 90 by the end of February. IT WILL COME FASTER THAN YOU THINK.

Be strong brothers, if I can do it, you can do it. Feel free to ask questions.


One more thing, don’t feel bad if at 90 days it’s not happening for you. I think everyone takes a different amount of time. Just keep going and I think it will affect anyone willing to change their habits and mindset.

LINK – I MADE IT TO 90! Please read as I feel I may be able to inspire you a bit.

By DrDreidel82