Age 24 – I look healthier, thinner, and have a clearer face

I stopped masturbating 74 days ago. Not once in my life have I ever done anything like that before. No porn, no edging. Had one wet dream. I still use Instagram, but I stopped watching porn or touching myself. I used to CONSTANTLY masturbate every morning and watch nonstop porn at night growing up. I’m 24.

I haven’t seen my friends in almost over two months.

I get to their house, and my best friend says my face looks clearer. His girlfriend says I look healthier. My friend says I also look thinner (I haven’t been exercising or eating right). He asks if I’m using some sort of lotion. Says I look better.

Okay, someone just please explain this. How on earth does not masturbating make you look better? Is it confidence? I just don’t understand how this can change, your face. Growing up, I had a very sad and angry face and didn’t have friends growing up. I struggled with making friends. And I blame my masturbating and porn viewing for it.

I just don’t get how simply not masturbating, leads you to have a “brighter” face. How does that happen? Is it chemicals or something?

LINK – Someone, PLEASE explain why my face looks better

By gothboygucci