Age 24 – I’m convinced!

<<WOW, I’m convinced.>>

I’m a person who is quit critical, and don’t really believe in things if I’m not given a good explanation or the statement is backed by smart people. But if something turns out to be true, I gonna acknowledge it.

To say that I acknowledge nofap after 90 days, would be an understatement, to say the least. It has changed my life and I’m the best version of myself that I have ever been.

I have read a lot of benefits linked to nofap, and pretty much every one is true. Except the one that say you gonna last longer in bed, that is definitely not true for me, lol.

So, as a 90 day milestone evaluation, the only thing I can say is:

WOW, im convinced.

Not gonna think about what the other milestones gonna make me say, but i will look forward to it. And for all of you new kids, this life style gets so much easier over time, just remember that.

When I reached about 60-80 days, I stopped thinking about porn. I can go days without thinking about it. So that is nice.

My confidence is boosted and im actually a person who can talk to people. That is the best part.

Never had issues with PIED, but all the other stuff is pretty precise.

24, nothing about the hair tho

LINK – Nofap evaluation, 90 days milestone.

By whatsupitisyaboyboii