Age 24 – Impeccable memory, song writing talent through the roof, PIED is cured

Benefits;: wow the Benefits are so much, I have clarity of mind, my memory so impeccable I recall roads and buildings where I live when I was 7 years old and in detail, social anxiety completely gone, more confident and motivated, happy generally, I don’t objectify women I respect them and now see them more beautiful even though chasing them is a far less priority now, my sense of humor has gone up, I’m very focused and deep in thinking, my song writing talent is through the roof, my PIED is cured even though I’m not active in the sex thing I now have my morning woods back, erection is hard as a rock, energy and time are skyrocketed, my urges are far easier to control, deeper voice, not needy or dependent, I’m kinder, friendlier but less nice I don’t have nice guy syndrome any more, I enjoy small pleasures and gains I look forward to big things and a generally happy person more than I used to be.

Story:: I think I came in contact with Porn when I was about 16 years old at 17 I began to delve deeper into it and then became addicted. I never thought I was cos I could go just 3days after indulging it was hard for me for four years I’ve tried everything I could to get out of this mess all to no avail. It affected me in many ways, my brain, my energy, negative thoughts, objectifying women and more. If not that I now know what porn can do, I used to think I was less of a man I was slow, not confident, brain fog, easily irritated and isolated more than I used to.

Process:: I had tried everything to get out of this mess all to no avail. I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and gave me power over sin and sinful habits including addictions. But it’s one thing to know it and another to experience I tried man but nothing.
So one day I prayed and got a nudge from God to spend at least 2 hrs a day reading the Bible. I started it for a while as if it got worse but I continued regardless all of a sudden the addictions began to wane gradually, I used to go tops 5days before but now I’m 200 plus and still counting without will power I have slayed this monster.

LINK – 200+ days. Success Story

By Aquilla