Age 24 – The benefits I felt are beyond what words could convey

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Hey fellow Fapstronauts, today marks my 90th day of NoFap and I first want to thank this community for existing because I don’t know if I would have started this journey without you guys.

I wanna start by saying that I stopped smoking weed just 10 days after starting this streak and it was the worst addiction I had (smoked pretty much every day with from 14 until almost 3 months ago at 24) so a lot of the things I experienced during this streak have a lot to do with that as well. Though I have to say I was addicted to porn and masturbating since I was 12-13, but I started slowing down a little bit with on and off streaks in the last 2 years.

I know a lot of you want to hear what benefits I got from this streak. I will certainly talk about what changed positively but I want to say that, in my humble opinion, there is no such thing as superpowers, you simply stop wasting so much time and energy on things that drag you down and it definitely benefits your life on a whole new level.

There was (and always will be) a lot of ups and downs during this journey. My first 30 days was filled with what some people call superpowers, I had all this huge boost of energy, I felt way more confident in most areas of my life, I finally had a positive outlook on life that could last more than a week.

I’m not really doing a lot of things that I’m passionate about – especially career wise because I simple don’t know exactly what to do. Being on NoFap helps me slowly discovering exactly who I am and what I like because I finally have the time to do so. That said, I can’t always feel powerful and lots of downs have been gone through since approximately the 30th day of my streak.

I should say that NoFap is amazing. Yes, I hated some days and I felt like I would never find what I would like to do in life, but how I feel now is totally different from how I felt before starting this streak, I just tend to forget it sometimes.

In my opinion, the benefits I felt are beyond what words could convey. Since it’s the only way to lend you a piece of my journey I will do my best.

  • Before I had this dreading feeling of inadequacy towards women, now I 95% feel in my bones that they are simply humans and I 110% deserve to be a part of the “dating dynamic” and to show them what kind of man I am.
  • I’m better with eye contacts. I can keep them as long as I want and tend to be way less intimidated by women I’m attracted to and guys I feel more dominant than me.
  • I sleep so much better (though that could be related more to weed). I sleep at least 7 hours per night and remember my dreams pretty much every night.
  • I have way more endurance during my soccer games. I could always play the whole game but my muscles would tire really fast, now my muscle endurance can keep up with my cardio.
  • This journey was a huge trigger. What I mean by that is that I now know that I have no choice but to work on my social skills, find things that I enjoy and that put me forward in life. Find ways to balance everything by being able to have fun because what’s the point if I can’t enjoy the fruits of my labor?
  • I now have almost no desire whatsoever to watch porn. I had trouble feeling a tiny bit of desire for real women. Now I feel that, especially if I bond with one, there is some life down there, I get this tingling sensation that makes me feel alive and that makes me want to get close to the girl I’m with.

On the top of my head, these are the benefits I thought about.

The most important thing that I would like to add is that at the beginning of my streak I would read hundreds of posts in order to feel good and to find people talking about their benefits because I wanted so bad to feel alive down there, to feel like society told me I should feel since I was young. I think I was putting NoFap on a pedestal as if it was the end itself.

NoFap is, in my opinion, simply something you do to remove a bad habit that consume you and that you went to feel good, to feel like life wasn’t so bad after all. For a lot of us, PMO is an addiction and that’s why it is good to stop doing it. We have to treat it like any other addiction: once you stop it you give yourself the opportunity to finally be free, to finally stop having your view of the world veiled by this dark cloud that you hate so much.

Life is so much more than this dopamine rush you crave every time you have a bad day or every time you wake up for that matter. It is so much more than giving your power to a habit that you started when you were this little innocent creature that did what they thought was good.

My rambling is over. I’m gonna add that 90 is definitely not the end, at least for me. It is only the beginning of what I could hope to be the removing of that dark cloud that makes me see the world in such a negative way.

Life is ours, we can all be powerful in our own way. It’s a choice we make every second of every day with the thoughts we choose to entertain. I’m choosing power and love and I hope you do to. One love my brothers and sisters!

LINK – 90 days of NoFap today

by Foreverseeking47