Age 24 – Increased energy, self-awareness, work ethic, productivity. Dramatically increased personal magnetism/confidence. Calmer.


Increased awareness

  • Increased energy.
  • Being able to look people in the eye.
  • Dramatically increased personal magnetism/attraction. (It will be remarkably strong for 2 straight weeks, then it will take 3-5 days off. After those 3-5 days of nothing, suddenly it’s back, stronger than ever)
  • Increased confidence
  • Perfect posture.
  • Increase in wanting to socialise and go out clubbing.
  • Increase in work ethic and productivity.
  • Calmer.

I have had minimal urges. Maybe 5 in 50 days. I PMO’d once to three times a day for 10 years before this.

  • In my experience, nofap works well with;
  • Cold Showers
  • Improved diet
  • A daily plan (goal setting and striving for 100%)
  • Qigong and/or meditation

<3 Here’s to another 50, fapstronauts.

LINK – 51 days – Benefits, and what works well alongside the benefits

by SalCapone