Age 24 – It’s been 1 year & 9 months

I saw many Stories in this Community I wanna tell my Story.

I’m 24. Years old, married, and Employed as Tool-Mech. I started fapping with 14 years old, for one reason: „everybody does it“, I got fast addicted to Masturbate and Porn. I thought I do it for a good healthy reason.

The times Passes after I finished school I got into Profession School, (like college but in Switzerland) i finished with a Tool-Mech Graduate for 3 Years. At this time I Fapped once a day. Sometimes it felt me like there is something missing in my Life. It was like fap and get over Stress.

After my Tool-Mech Graduation i was officially unemployed for 3 Years i try many Try&Hire Jobs. It was really stressful to get one job there was no Internship or Try&hire. To that time i got Depressed and Anxiety there was a time I got Suicidal thoughts. Right at the time the effect of masturbation compared nothing to me, I did not feel better after busting a nut. I just want it to say at the time 2015-2017 it was like the dark ages for me.

Until I discovered nofap in the Middle of November 2017 I studied the effects of fapping and yes it was really. My cause of Depression and anxiety. The new year 2018 started and I told myself I will do the Nofap. And i will never Masturbate again.

3 weeks Nofap I finally got a Job and a Girlfriend. It was a Fulltime job this time. And since them I’m still employed. I swore to myself I will never fap again. For just to have a good life.

By that time with nofap. I got wet dreams at the first time, then it was OK i discovered my body even more. I got married in august 2018. there was a time I got false Diagnosed with prostate inflammation but i sued the doctor for this.

Today at the time. Of September 2019 it is been 1 year and 9 months without masturbating. And i feels psychically better than my dark ages.

LINK – My Story (nofap since 01.06.2018)

by enzovonbiel