Age 24 – Just got my dream job


2nd intentional streak. My first streak was last year, it lasted 31 days, during which time I applied for an international internship, raised money for said trip, and then spent 3 months in Ecuador as a result. I’m 24. The symptoms were that I was seriously depressed and wasting away my life. I wanted to be free.

Pretext: I’ve dabbled in SEO and web design, wanting a career I can do anywhere in the world. I’ve never had the guts to really pursue it though. I’m three weeks into my NoFap streak and I decide “screw it” and go in and talk to a local SEO company. The thing is, this company is nationally regarded as one of the best and has pretty high standards for its workers.

Long story short, the owner, who I shadowed for a day as my interview, said he loved my energy and willingness to learn and offered me a position earning more than I am now! It’s an entry level position with room to grow and learn, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Personally I didn’t think I was showing any signs that were different than usual, but I just got my dream job!


 By what_the_elliott