Age 24 – Learn to use your sexual energy (it can be done within a relationship too)

Herein you will find what I consider to be my success story, the effects of semen retention alone are evident in this post as I will clearly lay out the traumatic experiences I unfortunately had to experience as a growing teen; particularly the time in one’s life where proper brain development is imperative. This is something the old me would never consider doing. The newly found me actually boasts about it in attempt to help those use a negative past (along with sexual energy) to get more out of themselves or are currently experiencing what I had to experience back then.

I would not consider my high schools years as horrible but I would also not consider them as joyful, either. Like everyone else, I had lows and highs. The only thing is, the lows were extremely low (hence why I mentioned it before the high) in which the highs could not match. I left high school feeling like I could’ve gotten more.

I was not would you would consider to be popular. For some odd reason and despite this, I always seemed to hit above what I considered to be my weight class when it came to girls. I never really had a self-image (or even knew what one was for that matter), but always had an inferiority complex. In other words, I did not know how to use myself properly. I don’t blame my old self because these vital skills aren’t taught in school institutions when in reality they (self image management, interpersonal skills, self belief, self worth, etc.) shape our entire earthly destinies. Go figure.

Traumatic experiences (mostly in the earlier years of high school) I had to endure consisted of being beaten up on film and having it posted to social media, being shamed for the way my teeth look (gaped) and as a result of all that felt like shit and like I had absolutely nobody to talk to. My friends (those who knew) sensed the effect this was having on me and obviously stayed away from the recluse I was becoming as a result. My parents had no clue what was going on and only made things worse with questions such as “where are your friends”, etc.

However, for some odd reason and later on in my high school years (see below), deep down I always felt as though in the end I would be the most successful individual of my graduating class (success being defined as primarily happiness and then wealth.)

Having no understanding of the way emotions work or any self control, I resorted to weed and porn to push away the negative self image that was created as a result of those traumatic experiences. As we all know, this only made things worse. My negative self image was forcing me to do things I wouldn’t normally do to fit in and eventually resulted in trouble with the law (thank god I was a minor.)

Having been a porn watcher, a belief was created that all men needed to be the macho man portrayed in porn, so I unknowingly started to use my sexual energy toward building a bad ass body. Of course, this instantly attracted more girls. As mentioned before, I always hit above what I considered to be my weight class when it came to girls. The confidence was increasing but so was the sexual energy (which was wasted on porn.) This confidence somehow allowed me to become good friends with the most popular kid in the entire school! The confidence continued to increase but the limitations of my unresolved negative self image persisted. As mentioned, I left high school feeling like I could have gotten more (in terms of self expression and memorable experiences.)

Throughout all this, I was blessed with the ability to begin working summers at a very young age (13). I grew up with my parents handing me absolutely nothing (they could not afford to.) My dad forced me to go work with him (thank god.) My mothers financial literacy had a huge impact on me and I devoted myself to working and saving every penny I could. I graduated high school (18) with more savings than most people accumulate lifetime. All that sexual energy (although it was being wasted daily on porn), was being transmuted into money (something we all need to live.)

My aforementioned belief in becoming the most successful member of my graduating class was growing. The book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki feel into my hands at 19. Little did I know, this was my life turning point. Over the next 2-3 years, I further devoted my life to amassing the most amount of money I could get my hands on (with, back then, no end goal in sight.) The girls that came into my life as a result of this ever increasing confidence were girls most guys would kill to have sex with.

In addition to financial literacy books, I started to dive into the world of self improvement books (I will list all of them down below.) Despite all this, I was still watching porn thus wasting my sexual energy. Despite that, I managed to buy my first investment property at 22 (so imagine the powers of retaining and transmuting the energy into your physical desires.)

I do not want this post to be perceived as “money made me feel good about myself.” To be honest, it did and still does. Imagine being bullied beyond belief and feeling absolutely worthless to essentially acting on and realizing your dreams all on your own so fuck yeah it feels amazing.

Despite all these occurrences (sad and hopeless to confident and feeling powerful), I was still ejaculating to porn. 1 of the aforementioned girls I met, I ended up being in a long term relationship with (another source of wasted sexual energy.) Another deep down belief started to form. “I feel like I could get more out of myself, and if I do, my life will become everything I will ever want.”

I am now getting to the point of this article. As you may have sensed, the fact that I became a bookworm and self improvement “addict”, eventually resulted in discovering semen retention. I knew to become the person I wanted to be, I needed to get out of the relationship I was in as it was limiting my potential…so I did.

Semen retention changed my life and works. Fellas, if you are a young adult, you especially have absolutely no business wasting this powerful life force (semen) we were never taught to utilize. No, semen retention will not automatically rectify limiting beliefs or lacking interpersonal skills but what it will do is supplement the mental energy we must use in order to rectify these limiting mental aspects so many of us struggle with. The energy we think accurately with (and need to triumph mental limitations) is the same energy sexual energy consists of. In other words, the more we are able to learn to control our sexual energy and keep it within us, the better we are able to think thus apply ourselves.

I am living proof of this. The sexual energy I have built up has allowed me to think accurately (something that seems so simple yet seems as though nobody does.) I dumped all the negative influences out of my life, surrounded myself with millionaires or friends with millionaire mindsets and as a result developed a millionaire mindset, upgraded my social circle, amassed six figures in savings, pursuing and potentially soon to be closing in on another property, built a bad ass body and more at the young age of 24, I can safely say this works. This post has nothing to do with boasting or money. I am solely trying to help others get the most out of themselves as I am doing as a result of my sexual energy self education because you will feel fucking great which ultimately defines a “successful” human being.

There’s no point in mentioning what day I am on because that is useless. My achievements (that you are fully capable of) give you an idea. Regardless, what you do with the energy is more important than the day count.

Some tips to control sexual energy and quitting porn:
-Identify your life’s purpose (why were you born) and apply the sexual energy to whatever contributes to getting there (reading books, working out, expressing yourself, etc.) whenever you feel the urge to ejaculate or watch porn. Your life’s purpose is something you work on everyday. It’s your life’s mission. Your life’s purpose may not even be taught in school! It’s the thing you love, the thing you are obsessed with, the thing you can do even on your day off with no effort. It’s the thing that lights up your eyes, deepens your voice, subconsciously results in open gesticulations. It’s the thing that allows you to become a better person as a by product of working on it.
-Practice a form of physical exertion (some form of working out, etc.)
-Breathe the energy out of your balls and into your brain (visualize)
-Understand that the achievements (small or big) you will achieve as a result of the effect sexual energy has on your demeanor, will power, imagination, spirituality, senses, social skills and determination is way more satisfying than the 3 seconds of pleasure ejaculating comes with.
-Understand that most social anxiety is a result of inner shame within the subconscious that results from masturbation to porn.

I used to be a down loser with no hope. I am now a self assured, grounded and confident man obsessed with the path of self improvement I have embarked upon and I am nowhere close to being finished. Whether you want to ejaculate in a relationship (during sex), is up to you but understand the benefits of retaining your semen are worth so so so so SO much more. Real men certainly do not have sex with themselves.

The ability to control your sexual energy dictates realizing your dreams and destiny. Why this isn’t taught in school, is beyond me.

Great books to read:
-5am club by Robin Sharma
-Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
-Outwitting the Devil by Napolean Hill
-Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
-Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason
-Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Great general resources:
-Health Then Opulence (Youtube)
-Aahaana (Youtube)

LINK – Learn to use your sexual energy

By aljcns7