Age 24 – Much healthier view of women and sex, more content

I’m 24. Hard mode for the first 450ish days until my wedding. The benefits that you feel in the beginning we’re temporary for me, but there are other benefits like not sexualizing women, generally being more content, and less feeling of guilt and self loathing.

I don’t go to the gym, more into running and do some bodywieght stuff. I didn’t notice much lasting change in that regard. I had wet dreams every 30-70 days during hard mode, but I think that’s pretty variable from person to person.

[I quit] mostly for religious reasons, but I also had an unhealthy view of women and sex. It’s hard to remember exactly how I felt before, but I am definitely more emotionally stable than before and have less brain fog. A lot of the initial benefits are temporary as your body adapts to your new way of life.

LINK – Merry Christmas 1000 days in. You can do this.

By finallyransub17