Age 24 – Music sounds amazing, my appreciation for life and humanity has skyrocketed

I’m 24 years old, discovered nofap at 21, on/off since, and porn/masturbation at 13 (God damn I feel bad for future generations who have easy access to this leech on our masculinity). I suffered with anxiety, depression and overall low self esteem and my addictive personality made sure I abused anything pleasurable (food, drugs, alcohol, video games, porn etc.) to the point it wasn’t even fun.

Fast forward to now. I’m close to 60 days hard mode and it feels fucking great! Exercising, meditation, being creative and educating yourself is so important to self discovery on this journey. The combination of this with nofap makes life great. Although motivation can be hard, I always remember a quote from Bojack Horseman that will stick with me forever.

“It does get easier, but the hard part is doing it every day”

Now when I say the butterfly feeling, I don’t just mean when you see a major cutie, I mean EVERY aspect. Music sounds amazing, my appreciation for life and humanity has skyrocketed, healthy food is great, having a run , boxing and lifting is fun! I NEVER thought I’d feel that way about things.

I can’t help but thank everyone in this sub. It really is a huge help in learning and motivating, you should all be proud of yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up and remember there’s a caterpillar in you that’s DYING to be spread it’s wings and fly. Be the butterfly….

LINK – THAT feeling of butterflies…

by butaneispain