Age 24 – PIED: 90 days not enough, 150 days… not enough, 1 year… not enough…

I couldn’t imagine, that one day-today- I would write my own success story. But after 525 days no PM, I can say, that nofap works! Everybody, who has doubt about it, or lost hope (it was the same for me during my journey) should know this! I think it’s the most important thing during this journey. Every people is different, but we all doing this journey, and its the same for everybody. Depression, no feelings, no libido, flatline, anhedonia, no motivation, urges, hopelessness, etc. Is it familiar? For me, it was the most f*cing difficult time in my whole life!!!

I’m 24 years old now, and I was 8-9 years addict to this thing. When I got a girlfriend, 2,5 years ago, I decided to stop this addiction. The sex was horrible at those times. I had pied, so it was very unmotivational for me. I had 1 year to start this 525 days streak, before it, I had a lot of relapses. During my reboot, I had that kind of depression, unmotivation, unhappiness, which was the hell itself. I can’t write it in words, how hard and shit was this all! I was very hopeless, and I read a lot of forums at nofap, which helped a lot.

About long term rebooters, 90 days not enough, 150 days… not enough, 1 year… not enough… So it’s the most difficult part of this, save hope… Because Everybody can get there! If you don’t give up! I’m at 1,5 years in, and I can feel I’m getting better and better. Now I can live my daily life with motivation, and not depression. My sex life is awesome. I was in flatline stage approx in my whole journey, which means I didn’t have any libido, the sex wasn’t good.

Successful, but not very enjoyable. But now, every aspect of life is improving, my feelings, my motivation, I don’t feel any depression at all (maybe sometimes, but it’s not so hard then 1 year ago…).

Today and yesterday I decided to try myself. I saw 1-2 video, to try if I can resist to this feeling. It was another success for me, after 500 days, you can do this as well, but before it, I wouldn’t recommend Now I’m sure, I’m on my good path, I will never see any kind of these things, but It was a good feedback to me. I have now the faith to continue this journey, during my whole life. It’s an infinity improving possibility, If you are strong enough ( and I know you all are), you can improve your life amazingly!

I could say, what kind of things helped me on this journey to get here, but the most important thing is the TIME! Count your days, if you resist your life will be amazingly better and better and better.

May the power with You all!

LINK –Long term reboot success!

by Csatornapatkany