Age 24 – PIED gone

Just turned 24. I didn’t realize notice my symptoms until I broke up with my girlfriend of 3yrs a couple years back.

It almost felt like I completely forgot how to talk to girls. I played football at my university so I got a decent amount of attention just from that, but it mostly just lead to disappointment on my end due to the PIED I struggle with. I had developed some fetishes and couldn’t find satisfaction when I wasn’t indulging in said fetishes.

Since I started NoFap I’ve greatly improved my social skills in general, but especially with females. I feel like I’m getting a lot more attention from women. Though other factors are contributing to this such as my new job, I feel more at ease in every day conversation. Most importantly for me I no longer have any ED problems.

LINK – NoFap: A Year in Review

By pigzizpigz