Age 24 – PIED on my own wedding night – finally healing

I am 24 and i was doing PMO for 8-9 yrs,pretty much everyday or every other day in last 5-6 years on hardcore p..i am recently married and on the first night the curse fell upon me.ED with little to no libido. I thought it was psychological and took viagra and it worked..the next encounter was also with viagra and was getting confident..after that i stopped taking the pill and it was as miserable as it gets..nothing moved down there..i did some research and found this awesome group..i started no fap went to monk mode and didn’t even watch any movie or series for around 1 month..Here’s the result,

I am getting morning wood almost everyday for 3-4 days
I had O with my wife on last 3 encounters from last 3 days
I am more confident than ever before.
My penis is 60-70% hard, enough to penetrate v.
My libido is coming back.

I am yet to face flat line.still a long long way to go..but once you see the results you get addicted to being awesome.
One tip,open up to your wife,it is a big big relief,do not go near porn,dont watch dont fantasize. start monk mode if you can .

I will keep updating…

Update on 17/04/20…
My penis is 90% hard now..It’s gettimg better and better

Update on 20/05/20 (day 72 of no fap)
Almost failed attempt for a libido is not there yet. But it’s slowly improving..also my penis is harder than ot used to be..not 100% yet..but i can tell its getting there..
Also i didn’t watch any porn in the mean time.
Hope this helps.
I will keep updating

LINK – Finally!!!PIED recovery update.

by Salmon69420