Age 24 – Quitting has upgraded my life in so many ways it would be impossible to describe

Life without porn is better.

Porn was a numbing tool for me. Without it, life is more raw, more frightening, I suppose – but I wouldn’t ever trade the level of consciousness I have now for the depressed stupor I was in during my PMO days.

One of my favorite benefits of the NoFap lifestyle is I have zero fear of people catching me fapping, or seeing my internet history, or perhaps an open tab to porn I forgot to close.

I’m no longer living a lifestyle where I constantly have to hide my PMO habit.

Anyone can walk into my room, at any time, and it’s not gonna fucking matter, the most embarrassing thing they’ll see me doing is meditating, yoga, or recording awkward vocals when I do music recording.

Anyone can use any of my technology at any time. I don’t worry about the “cleanliness” of my devices… No masturbation hands touched this phone or laptop. Go ahead and use my technology… I am still afraid of people seeing the journals I wrote to myself, but that’s a normal, healthy “problem”!


Porn is shit.

Just the impossibility of the sheer quantity of outwardly beautiful women will fuck anyone up.

For most people, succeeding in relationship is challenging. Meeting a stunning woman is so much more than a porn video.

You could even have the good fortune to get out there, meet a 10/10 woman (physically), realize she’s a 0/10 in other ways, and get yourself the fuck out of there. This is a level of depth of life experience that is impossible to the person who doesn’t seek a life beyond PMO.


My health has been low, but I think a huge part of it has been recovery from 10+ years of heavy PMO lifestyle (age 14-24).

I’ve been traveling a lot, and living out of a suitcase for an extended period of time. I’ve run low on health supplements, and don’t currently work out or exercise regularly, so these are obvious things to address and improve my health.

While traveling, I didn’t have a job for a year or so, I ended up running out of money, but in the past month got a new job and have been saving and saving.

For the first time, I’m budgeting using a spreadsheet and an app called YNAB. I have all my bills covered in advance for the next two months.


Nothing is perfect, but I would say giving my all to NoPMO and NoFap has upgraded my life in so many ways it would be impossible to describe.

I’m still incredibly frustrated at times, especially sexually and romantically, but I observe that I keep making steps forward, incrementally. Things truly are getting better bit by bit.

My NoFap goal is 1000+ days.

Onward to victory!!

LINK – I quit porn 233 days ago. Longest NoFap streak was 180 days.

By Calm_Requirement