Age 24 – Started at 10. I’ve rediscovered my love for women

I’d like to give a timeline of my fap life:

  • Ages 10-17: I fapped every day, often multiple times and watched heaps of porn.

  • Age 17: I tried NoFap but it was virtually impossible… doing a whole day was a ‘holy shit!’ moment.

  • Age 18: I kept fapping, but occasionally went a couple of days without.

  • Late age 18: I managed two weeks without fapping for the first time.

  • Ages 19-21: I went 100+ days without NoFap a couple of times but I somehow had sex and wound up fapping again.

  • Ages 22-24 (now): I don’t really think about fapping… Very rarely do I get the urge. If I do fap, it’s because I’ve talked myself into it. I’m doing NNN but I’ll continue the streak beyond November anyway.

What I’ve noticed is just how much I notice women now and how beautiful I think they are – I really just want to hug and kiss them. Seems like NoFap has de-numbed my loneliness (unfortunately?). Honestly though, my heart sinks when I see a beautiful woman and even better, my cock becomes erect (I was virtually impotent before).

Now all I want to do is be with a woman, though that’s one thing I will likely never have.

LINK – I’ve rediscovered my love for women [link no longer available]

By – u/LibtardSlaughterer