Age 24 – The attraction thing is real. More energy to get things done. A deeper voice. Less angry, frustrated and depressed.

Hey guys, I just did 45 days and lost my drive and will to continue, I’m still holding on to the past and I have to break that. I’m no giving up now, I dust my boots and continue knowing I having a family I share the same ideals with online.

Overall NoFap is a good thing and I had a few benefits in this short span.

1. My dreams were more vivid.

2. I eat and sleep less

3. The attraction thing is real cause lots of my old buddies I haven’t seen in a while visited or called me up in this short time.

4. It made me closer to God

5. More energy to get things done.

6. I became excessively perceptive of things around.

7. A deeper voice

8. Less angry, frustrated and depressed

The List is exhaustive, that’s why I have to keep going.


by benj