Age 24 – The sensations came back! I can orgasm w/o fantasy!

Struggled with porn since i was 12. Discovered i had PIED when i was 19. Im 24 now and finally i can achieve orgasm without having to think about anything or watch porn! I couldnt stop smiling after i came (pun intended) to the realization. I find that after i pushed myself to abstain from watching porn/ masturbation for at least 2-3 weeks the sensations come back. So now its just no porn for good. Also real women just look so much better in person now its crazy.

Gonna go on a masturbation diet though. Limit myself to once every 2 weeks or so maybe just so i can have as much sensitivity as possible.

I started on nofap and while i respect everyones goals/methods that sub is full of “i am a God. We are spartans. We are warriors” bullshit lol. and dont even get me started on the semen retention mfs lol i mean we have wet dreams for a reason do we not? If it was designed to stay in there forever it would.

But fuck all the negativity im happy as hell man this has been a long time coming (no pun intended this time lol)

LINK – For the first time in 12 years i masturbated without having to think about ANYTHING. The sensation alone is finally enough!!

By melsniper