Age 25 – 200 days: PIED almost cured. More self-confident, energetic & polite. I feel more attractive. My speech is more clear and confident

Hi there!! My name is Salim 25 y.o. My story begins in the far 2006 when I was a lil kid. I can divide my story into the three short parts. Here we go.

When I was a kid i was introduced into the pmo. I was fapping during 4 years about 4-3 times per day. So I spent my best young period onto this sh*t.

I remember the day when I first time felt pied. It was horrible; I didn’t know what to do. I was shy, didn’t want to talk with this problem to my parents. On this day I lost myself, this period continued about 8 years until I discovered nofap.

Now I have almost 200 days of nofap . Here my observations:

I am not watching porn anymore.

I had sex 2 times: First was pretty cool, my dick was so hard. Second time it was not so good.


  • self confident
  • more energetic
  • more polite
  • my hair has very strong quality and high density
  • also my look has changed, I feel more attractive
  • my speech is more clear and confident, a bit aggressive

I strongly believe in myself that I will get out from this sh*t because I don’t deserve this life. I want normal relationship, want friends, I want to smile …

My main goal is cure my ED and to get back to my normal condition. I will keep struggling and will never get back to this previous life!!! I BELIEVE!

LINK – Almost 200 days of nofap!

by Pursuit_of_happiness