Age 25 – 222 days: Many benefits. Last but not the least, I finally have a girlfriend at age 25!

Hii guys! So, it’s all true about the super powers! It’s been 222 days and here are the changes I have seen from hard mode no fap.

  • Increased confidence! – I can talk to any girl I want and I am confident. They can sense it and it makes me attractive.
  • People complementing me on how good I look..(Both men and women. This never happened before no fap)
  • Increased muscle mass (I rarely gym these days and I am not losing lean muscle) *Better at sports- Was horrible at sports before joining no fap..I feel like my reflexes have become much much faster!
  • Better at studies! Yes it true..I get better grades now! I can understand better in class too
  • I can sleep and wake up at whatever time I want and I do not feel sleep deprived. Earlier I never could function well without a good night sleep.
  • I feel energized all day! I was like a sloth before no fap.
  • Slowly becoming an extrovert
  • Last but not the least; I finally have a girlfriend at age 25! Yes, this is the first relationship in my life!

So, I wanted to tell my story so that more people could pursue no fap and become a better version of themselves! You’ve always had it in you. It’s just that you never knew you had it in you until nofap.

See ya..

LINK – Day 222 of no fap

by kingsman678