Age 25 – Amazing orgasms! Insomnia and morbid sexual thoughts gone

I want to thank many users who answered my doubts and gave me all the encouragement I needed … thank you very much.

I’ll be brief, so I’ll go straight to the benefits of this:

Benefits that changed my life

1.-I had a problem with imagining my girlfriend having relationships with other people, not anymore!
2.-Morbid, sexual or dirty thoughts, almost totally disappeared
3.-Greater persistence and clarity of mind, even my reflexes increased, I hate my job by the way, thanks to the pandemic, I got a job that I really hate, but it is temporary, NoFap PM gave me persistence to face the day to day.
4.- Control of negative emotions, combined with meditation I no longer react to negative impulses
5.- my relationship with others and my personal security increased super well
6.- I fall asleep almost instantly. I had insomnia problems, and thanks to mind control my mind is blank at bedtime
7.-healthy relationships, I have the idea that we are energy, what you are, is what you attract and I started to get away from negative people and positive people came into my life

Benefits that I also acquired but I do not recommend doing it just for this
1.-my sex appeal increase a lot. I honestly do not consider myself an ugly person, but my luck with the opposite sex goes down a lot, due to my low self-esteem or the change in my energy, now having sex is something very simple.
2.- talking to girls is simpler, making them laugh is a tip that I can give them to conquer them and be happy with someone.
3.- Amazing orgasms… I will not say anything else

The increase in energy that I felt was little, perhaps because of the pace of life that I am leading right now, but I concentrated on projects that I could do from home, and in the long run they will generate money, the difference is that I do not leave them, I am persistent in everything that I propose and before it was not.

I hope that these small changes that I experience motivate you to continue with this, it really is one of the best changes we can make in our lives and it is FREE

LINK – My first month PM

By mikimo