Age 25 – Being approached by girls a lot more frequently, PIED better


Discovered porn at 15, was by no means a daily user (never thought I was addicted to it) but eventually developed a daily habit of MO from discovery till now at 25.

It just seemed normal. Everyone I knew did it. It helped me sleep, and helped pass the time when I was bored haha never thought I was “hurting myself”.

However contrary to popular belief: Porn-brain is a thing. PIED is a thing. And post-fap depression is definitely a thing.

But I’m 90+ days in, and I’ve never felt better. I’ve also managed to pair it with 100 days of being marijuana free, which had indeed helped in the process.

I’ve experienced quite a few benefits, like increased muscle mass, slightly better energy levels, better sleep (Lucid dreaming), and the least expected of them all: being approached by girls a lot more frequently. I didn’t think I ever had a problem in this department, but it seems like girls are a lot more forward as of late. Not sure if girls have always been this aggressive, and I just never noticed, or if this “superpower” thing is legit or not haha

In either way, I don’t plan on going go back to porn anytime soon, and you shouldn’t either. Feel free to AMA!

There have been a few [sexual] encounters within my 90 days, some of them were good, some of them were not so good, but I think it was more due to the fact that they were all pretty much drunk and with strangers.

LINK – 90 days! Longest streak and counting!

By suunsh1ne