Age 25 – Compliments no longer matter but I keep getting them

One more petal in the crown
Day 404 today.
Hello hope u all are doing good.
Never I felt the this much need to connect to myself like I am feeling now.
It’s 2:09am currently. No sleep.
I have this strange urge going in my mind to do something great.
Something real great.hard to achieve.
I am very much disconnected with temporary happiness or to show someone the fake happy side of me.but I am not sad or depressed.
I keep talking, I socialise , I see women responding, I feel no serious worry about suicidal thoughts.
But I have this race going inside of me to achieve and to succeed.
It is little hard for me to identify how I am feeling.but I am not sad, and I don’t have any guilt.
visualization is improved a lot, I keep asking questions to Buddha, last week I saw his face so clearly, like I opened my eyes to something new, I was meditating.
I saw how my dream house is going to look like, I saw it so clearly,i was in the car coming to my house. I never saw something that clear since I started meditating, and I saw it with no second thought going or no realisation that it is imagination,it seems real like a flashback looks in movies.
One insect keep coming to my body whenever I am having time with myself,thoughtless.
It happens Always ,the same insect.
A dog out of the blue ,so frequently when I am alone at outside at night come to me, I feed him.
May be there is hole in this materialistic world we don’t see but when enters such things begin to happen.
Last month I saw I falling star , I was with my friend he was facing me and talking, I never saw that big star falling so slowly. And when I told him he turn , at the same time it disappeared.
I got friendship day massage by my crush at 7 am ,no one wished me that early.i wake up at 9 am.
That was interesting,she again text me another day on my second number.
I think I have entered in the different zone.
Let’s see if miracle happens.i will surely post , if it does.
Here At day 400 complements doesn’t matter but you keep getting them.
Urges don’t die.
Have to take care of your sleeping positions.
That little” turn big guy’ start to work when your start to sleep.
wim Hoff breathing works very well.
Cold shower has become a daily habit.
Podcast,logical things attract your attention. Useless shitty movies don’t.
Some guys here on nofap suggesting me to have sex, since it is been really long I haven’t. Should I go for it, please let me know.
I have been looking for something some other communities like nofap , suggest me if you know any. Regarding other good habits.
This community is really awesome, I don’t find any posts after 400+ or 500 + days to boost myself up, but I managed to see people doing great in there 30,90 streak. I got pump up by them.
Remaining in next thread.


By gentleman_2