Age 25 – Delayed ejaculation cured. My self esteem is high now , almost zero social anxiety.

Hey guys, bit of a backdrop story Male, 25 had a DE and deathgrip problem, never had come during sex before my embarkment on the nofap journey. I literally stumbled upon this forum one day and decided I needed to change as my habit took a lot of toll on my emotional health, as well as my dick.

This is day 56 of no masturbation, which is the highest ever (just surpassed the previous highest), I only masturbated once in almost past 4 months. I truly believe that I have beaten the habit of masturbation.

Some of the key goals I’ve achieved ever since starting nofap on 7th May, 2018 (I signed up a few days later though):

– my delayed ejaculation has cured, I never came before during sex before nofap, I’m 25 btw. DE was the reason I came here. (Trick is to not masturbate for like 30 days most likely your tissue repair might take place in this period, if not go 60, 90 ,120 days, it’s absolutely not incurable, which you might feel at the start)

– haven’t even thought once about porn in this period, which was never the problem but I used to watch like once in a blue moon.

– had wet dreams (this can’t be a goal but it feels amazing)

– my self esteem is so high now I can’t believe it at times, have almost zero social anxiety.

– this is the most controversial discussion but I’m a walking testament to the fact that nofap works with women idgaf who you are, what you do, when you channelize your sexual energies into constructive behavior in life you can then come and will thank this community sooner than you can even imagine. And I’ve seen it all from casually making out in a club, to chicks hitting me up, to casual hookups to deep meaningful healthy relationship with someone only in this short period (you can totally discard my experience as false information, but try it out for yourself for a considerable amount of time, then you will have a totally different take on the whole thing)

I might directly or indirectly link the various success I’m experiencing in life to nofap which might be unfair for someone who just might have begun and may seem unreal to most, but the crux of it is just keep going on this path cuz this is a very achievable goal and when you beat these habits it’s a very beautiful place you will reach in your mind.

So carry on..

LINK – From the other side

by Daristocratify