Age 25 – Finally making progress after 5 years


I must have failed 100,00 times or more lol. But I got here. 30 days today. Couldn’t get past 2 weeks for the last 5 years. As far benefits I feel a spurt In energy, my brain fog is like 98% gone, and my focus and memory are slowly improving.

I’m definitely not 100%. I still have hocd, disgusting fetishes, I’m still lazy and unmotivated. I’m sure these will improve with time. I just wanted to give myself a nice Christmas gift and new years gift and that’s what motivated me to get this far. Hopefully can make it to 90, it’s gonna be really hard but I’ll give it my best.

My triggers were certain fetish subreddits here on reddit. I sometimes would type in the search bar and a triggering autofill word would pop up, I wouldn’t be able to resist it. I would click, look at pictures, fantasize, and then up on an actual porn sites.

Other triggers were a bad experience with a once gf i had, it’s been years and still think about her. I guess I still miss her. I never got the chance to have sex with her, so often I would imagine doing so, This made it tough. Pain and depression were a huge trigger for me to relapse. I would hit rock bottom with depression and felt that porn and masturbation would make me feel so good.

It can be little things that help you get through this, delete your nsfw browser history and autofill data if you have any triggering things there, it helped me a lot. Just the site of a word would make me relapse. But when I deleted that stuff, it’s like i forgot about about porn completely existed.

For me [the brain fog] started to lift around the second or third week. As long as you don’t peek at porn you should be ok. I’m 25.

LINK – After struggling for the last 5 years, I’ve finally reached 30 days

By johnmarshton