Age 25 – Fixed my ED and I couldn’t be happier

I had been off and on NoFap for probably 5 years and I couldn’t even get a streak longer than 19 days. Finally, after suffering ED issues as a 25 y/o male, enough was enough. It got to the point where I had to look at more and more degrading things just to maintain an erection. My GF and I hadn’t had sex in months because I couldn’t keep it up.

I went to the doctor who shrugged it off as performance anxiety and prescribed some Viagra. The Viagra straight up didn’t even work. Completely flaccid. I figured if I couldn’t do NoFap, that I’d start by not watching any porn (but still be allowed to masturbate to my imagination) and eventually my imagination would fade and so would my overall interest in masturbation.

I went 13 days then relapsed. Felt like shit and then today I hit that 2-week mark. A better way to think about it is that I only watched porn once in the last month.

ED is gone. Gf and I have done the dirty probably twice a week in the last 3 weeks and I couldn’t be happier. I do not miss porn. I do not miss the porn-addicted lesser version of myself.

I do not have a number of days to hit a goal. My goal is to erase porn from my life completely, forever.

Thank you to this community for your indirect support and good luck to anyone starting out. It’s a tough road but dammit it’s worth it.

LINK – Fixed my ED and I couldn’t be happier!

by Possessed_Panda710 [account suspended]