Age 25 – From super nervous talking to girls, to multiple dates with different women


Hey guys this is going to be a long post so stay with me

Back in April 2019 i was lost in so many ways. Addicted to porn, I would have videos saved on my phone. My social anxiety was really bad. I obese at 291 lbs.

Then one day I stumbled on this sub reddit. I looked into it. Didn’t think that much of it, until a week after. So in April I decided to change my life. My first attempt, I only went a week. But during that week I felt some sort of built up energy. So i don’t know how, but I started going to the gym.

By the end of that summer I was still on no fap. I would go on a week, 5 day streaks. My longest streak before this one was 30 days which i did during that summer. Well by the end of that summer, I weighed 259, I was so pumped. Then my confidence was building up little by little.

In the winter of 2019, I found my love….. running. Now back when i first started losing weight i couldn’t even run a minute with out running out of breath. But by the end of the year I would run a 5k every week.

Fast forward to today. I weigh 220 and run a 5k every other day. I also run an occasional 10k on the weekends I’m on my longest streak of 63 days or something. Then finally this week i had my first kiss. I know some of you guys might say “damn this guy hasn’t even gotten his first kiss yet”.

But honestly i wouldn’t change anything. I started literally from the bottom and now I’m at the top. From getting super nervous talking to girls, to now having multiple dates with different women. I don’t think about porn for one second, haven’t gotten triggered in over a month. Hopefully this helps someone who needs this. Guys IT’S NOT A RACE, IT’S A PROCESS. Results don’t come overnight it takes time.

Feel free to ask me anything you guys.


by Sal272019