Age 25 – Gunning down my goals, got back with (and love) my GF


My personal benefits

  • Days 30-60: Epic boost in charisma/confidence. Girls are confidence magnets, they notice this and when they are staring at you, they are wondering, “What’s up with him”. And ‘Be Confident’ is a pick-up advice in general. Most of the times its visible that you are faking it, but with NoFap on your back, you ain’t faking.
  • Day ~45: I am more self-aware and better organized. I see myself differently, I see my mistakes and now I can actively work on improving on them
  • Day ~70: Proactiveness. My priorities have become straight. I gun down my goals, and I do them now. There is no better feeling than checking things off your list.
  • Day 75-80: I got back with my girlfriend. I love her like I didn’t think I was capable of. I am much of aware of her feelings and much more aware of mine. We are in 2 close cities and I get to meet her on weekends. I had the chance to celebrate my day 90 with her. Told her about my NoFap thing. She admired the struggle. But we had other important things to talk and do 🙂
  • Day 85: I started meditation. Wanted to try to this for a while. Finally started on it. Still struggling with doing this every day, but heck, it’s started, and it’s in place.
  • Day 90+: I rarely get the feeling of fapping now, I feel I can go without it for a while, now its just a matter of seeing how long I can go

Sex feels great, like it always does :D. I was able to connect with my partner better. On and off sex. I could listen and feel to what she wanted, I could tell her things, etc. Overall, made me whole again. If you have  someone, keep things going at a pace you are comfortable. If you are still at a stage where you just want your dick to explode into cum, I would say hold off on the sex. Have sex because you want to have sex, not  because “Oh God, I haven’t cummed in a while, this is it, this is my chance”

I want to end with one of my favorite quotes, from Fringe

“For in the vacuum created by the loss of what is most precious, opportunity abounds, influences maximize, and desire becomes destiny.”

I started this run about 3 months ago, on my 25th birthday. Before that, I had a few attempts, but none got past 30. The difference between this and all my previous streaks, I stopped keeping score. I realized, nofap was always on my mind if every day I kept ticking a manual counter somewhere or looked at my digital counter. And having nofap on my mind did not allow me to get distracted into other busier things. The idea was to get nofap out of my mind, like it was nothing. Nofap is what the norm should be and not something special.

Day 1 – 20

To begin with, do not think about the benefits, do not think about the end results, indulge in the occasional ’90 day benefits’ posts once in a while to keep sight of the big picture. Your goal these days should be to endure the initial struggle. Push yourself through it. It’s going to be the hardest phase. Don’t look at your counter if you want my advice. I had a few busy days/weekends, that helped me be distracted enough to get past the urges.

Day 30 – 60

You will start seeing changes in yourself. You will feel more confident. Period. Everything else just follows. All the benefits posts you read is simply people being themselves. Time to start being yourself, the yourself you haven’t been in a while. Want girls? Want muscles? Want productivity? You finally have enough brain and clock space to chase these goals you have been staring at from a distance.

Day 60+

Again, I did not have a very accurate eye on my counter and these are more approximate estimations. But ~day 60 is when I started seeing myself as the person I wanted to be. And it doesn’t end here. Once you grow your muscles you don’t stop going to the gym. You have just elevated your game and it’s time to step up your attitude about it. Keep up the hard work in whatever you want to achieve. You are the man you wanted to be!


LINK – [Day 96] Guidance and What you should expect when you take on this path

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