Age 25 – Healthy diet helps a lot


I started doing the wrong thing when I was 15 and never stopped for more than a month. Today with 25 I’m into 90 straight days and I don’t intend to break the streak. I wanted to share this because I never thought I would be able to keep a straight record. I just started succeeding when I started facing it like any other addiction. It’s like being addicted to alcohol, once you stop you are always going to be an ex-alcoholic and fighting and controlling the urge. If you take the same approach as you did to something that you stopped doing and apply to this bad habit.

This work for me, I hope it works for you too 🙂

The symptoms were that I wasn’t feeling good with myself and it I bore a guilty sentiment. I also promised my girlfriend that I would stop because we were worried about about how that could affect our relationship. The benefits is the clean conscience. I don’t walk anymore feeling that everyone is looking at me.

I also discovered that when I ate a lot of unhealthy food it was easier to fall down. I didn’t had any urges anymore since I started a healthy and balanced diet. When I was eating junk food and meat I felt horny very easy. I am eating a few fruits (like 2 bananas and 2 apples) in the morning because I’m not a breakfast person. The simple rule I use is: if I’m not going to spend that calorie, than don’t eat it. I’m also having smaller plates on my lunch to make my stomach get smaller and also stopped drinking juice, water and soda during the meals, because it messes up completely the digestion. I’m eating more vegetables and cutting off sugar and any milk derivatives. Ever since I started doing this I didn’t feel the urge to… you know. Balanced meal has to do a lot with this accomplishment.

I didn’t have any side effects that I know of. What happened to me post pmo was that I got extremely lazy and got irritated by anything. I grew to learn that I still get lazy, but it’s when I eat too much food and I still get irritated, but I’m still trying to figure out what it is.

LINK: I did it! 90 days! – Plus advice for begginers

By disguisedandroid