Age 25 – How I learned to chat up women


Got my first kiss and make out yesterday from a very attractive girl. I saw her in the grocery store the day prior and told her she was beautiful and asked for her number. We went on a date and made out in my car. I was so close to relapsing two days prior I had to call my friend for support. I wanted to give up say what’s the point but I didn’t.

We talked for five minutes or so about general stuff but I just kind of went for it. I been practicing my social skills the last 3 months by talking to 5 random girls every day so I been training myself how to approach woman and be myself around them.

i started with just guys for the first 2 or 3 weeks. Stats as far as what numbers,dates and stuff? First number around the first month. First date around the second month and second date and make out was yesterday. It takes a while to build your social skills to the point you can start a conversation with a stranger and have them feel comfortable giving you their number. Than going from a number to a date. Next step for me is to get consistent dates and working on texting woman. I struggle with texting them for some reason.

i got a whole lot of numbers i dont count maybe 30. Over three months. I just couldn’t convert the numbers to dates. Im getting better at getting numbers and setting up dates though the more i do it. When i first started i couldn’t say hi to a guy so yeah it takes time but its a skill you can learn and perfect.

im 25 and single. I think it doesn’t make sense to wait for marriage to do any act honestly. We have a limited amount of time to experience life and there’s no guarantee I will get married before I die. So why am I waiting to kiss someone or have sex I may never meet? Doing these things before marriage doesn’t make the relationship or experience with the person I decide to marry any less special. So why limit yourself?

LINK- Kiss and make out day 49 I think.

By airjones1