Age 25 – I can talk to girls easily and have a lot empathy for them


After 164 days have passed i can tell that i finally feel better in my own skin. So don’t give up if after 30 days or even 90 days you still feel miserable. It has been a hard journey but i absolutely have no wish to go back to faping anymore, its completely disgusting.

Sometimes i have urges, and i want to bone something so bad, but it will pass and next day i am fine, do not take the easy way out, its not worth it.

Emotionally i am so much in a better state, i can talk to girls easily and have a lot empathy for them, i can feel how fragile they are, and i can see how cruel i was before, damn.

And what i have learned is not to push myself too much, some guys here tell how they go to Gym 6 days a week and become monsters or some superhumans on nofap, i have learned the exact opposite in my journey.

I was something like this before, i was in constant move and action but rarely got the results i wanted, now i am calm and have my own pace, i know my limits and take time off when i need, because i know in long term, if you know your pace and feel your energy the results will be much better.

Don’t let others dictate what you need to be, i erased my instagram and facebook, because i do not need this constant comparison and fake happiness from others, life can be difficulty and those who don’t accept it, will eventually burn out.

So friends have your own tempo, don’t compare yourself to others, and feel compassion to yourself and others, only this way you can grow.

Life is hard for every living being, try not to make it harder than it should be, by being in constant nervous/emotional exhaustion.

I am 25, i tried doing nofap before few times just based on my own instinct lasted max 30 days, then my balls started to hurt and i fapped again, but once i found this Reddit i quited  instantaneously. [I quit due to] social anxiety, nervousness, low confidence, and hair getting thin.

LINK – 164 days passed

By enorm2