Age 25 – Powerful, confident, overall mood great, mind much clearer & others more drawn to me

What’s up peeps,

Just wanted to share that I’m 60 days pmo free now. This is my longest streak since 2018. I started this streak after I hit rock bottom yet again. I was hooked and I went out (drunk) and had sex with 2 prostitutes in 1 night. I felt so disgusted that my will to watch porn and everything just left me. Couldn’t look in the mirror for a few days.

I feel really amazing now, nofap isn’t the only contribution to that though. I went monkmode, no porn, no masturbating, no orgasms and no sex. During this period, I was dating a girl but we didn’t sleep together. Not because of my nofap. but because we wanted to get to know each other more first before sharing the bedroom. We did stuff but all with cloths on xd, this gave me a lot of energy instead of it being drained by being sexual with the wrong people or going to P. This girl and me stopped dating, I learned some stuff while with her. And also, to not immediately have sex. I put more value on integrity and the next time I start to date someone I will also wait with sex till it feels right to me.

So, I’ve had almost no urges at all. To me, sexual energy is life force energy. so, I use it to create the life I want, and its working xd. I think in my previous attempts I had a lot of urges because I was stagnant with this energy and didn’t know how to spend it. You know, just trying not to watch porn and this is really the wrong approach imp. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Trying not to watch porn or resisting it will just give it more power and you’ll get the urges. I’ve never cheated during this streak by watching just a little bit of P or Psubs or edging which I did do sometimes in my previous streaks.

I feel very powerful, confident and my overall mood is great. Mind is much clearer and I really notice how others are more drawn to me because I’m shining XD. Don’t want to sound cocky but it’s true. My eyes are also really different, full of life and not anymore, the red empty look I had sometimes.

NoFap is one of the things that contributed to this, I did a lot of other stuff too, just working on myself you know.

Anyways, good luck on your streaks peeps!


by Legendz