Age 25 – I have a ton of energy, I’m normally happy but have a quick temper for BS


Well looks like I’ve conquered this challenge and I have to say it wasn’t hard at all. It was actually quite simple if you put yourself in the right mindset. Remember at your hardest moments find the reason why you started. Look for that reason and once you find that reason it becomes easier and easier.

[Edging] – Throughout my 90day journey I have not edged once nor did I have the desire to edge. The moment I started my streak I deactivated my facebook and uninstalled the app from my phone same with IG/SC. I removed all of those distractions from my objective and without those distractions I had no desire to edge. However around day 60 I reactivated my Instagram and Snapchat, I actually deleted my facebook for good since you know… Facebook is basically a huge privacy risk.

[Wet Dreams] – Throughout my journey to day 90 I have not had one single wet dream, however I get semen leakage after taking a leak so I’m assuming it’s basically the same thing but you’re awake and you really cannot control it.

[Erections] – When I wake up now and let’s say I’m laying in bed and haven’t taking a leak yet. My morning wood can last from 30 minutes up until I get up and take a leak. It won’t go down, so my morning wood is harder than ever/erections.

[Death Grip] – I’m assuming deathgrip is fixed since I am practically hypersensitive now. I have yet to have intercourse to find out but that will be very soon since I’ve been holding off this whole entire streak which was the hardest part lol.

[Delayed Ejac] – I’m assuming this is most likely fixed too since the main problem was death grip. You’re really not going to orgasm if you cannot feel anything because of death grip lol.

[Social Improvements]

Well what can I say, I’ve turned into a cocky asshole. The ladies actually love it, I do not chase any women anymore. For example before nofap let’s say I’m texting a lady and she doesn’t respond for a good period of time. I normally would overthink it and freak out and send another text. Now if I’m sensing I’m being put aside for anything I will do the reverse effect to them but worse and not respond to them for a good week or so. It may be petty but at the end of the day who has time for women childish games? You gotta think outside the box and be what they aren’t expecting. P.S. I have no problem going up to women now and talking to them (Strangers). It can be a bar a friend could pick a lady and he could tell me to go talk to her and I would with no hesitation. Rejection is only temporary. I’ve succeeded more than getting rejected. Rejection is something you will only remember for a good hour or so lol after that you probably won’t even remember the ladies name that rejected you.

[Testosterone] – Well my testosterone is through the roof. I have a ton of energy, I’m normally happy but however I have a quick temper for bs. Like I don’t tolerate bs at all anymore, nobody is walking over me.

[Tips for you guys]

This challenge is really easy. It really is, you have to stop thinking about not fapping. That’s your issue. Keep your mind occupied, don’t allow yourself to get bored. Find things that keep you interested, remove any triggers from your view. You have to make sacrifices in order to complete this challenge. You can ask anyone that have reached day 90 and they will tell you the same. YOU WILL NOT COMPLETE THIS CHALLENGE IF YOU DON’T CHANGE YOUR HABITS, IN ORDER TO ELIMINATE OLD HABITS YOU HAVE TO CREATE NEW HABITS. LIKE AT THE NORMAL TIME THAT YOU GET URGES OR THE NORMAL TIME THAT YOU FAP REPLACE THAT HABIT WITH SOMETHING ELSE AND DO IT DAILY. EVERY DAY @ THE SAME EXACT TIME.

Some habits you could do instead.

Work on push-ups. Set a goal to get yourself to do 50 push-ups in a row comfortably. I bet you 98% of you guys cannot do 50 proper push-ups in a row without failing. Set small goals like one week aim for 20 push-ups in a row, the next week aim for 25, the following 30. Do these every day. Literally every day at the same time.

I am currently on day 90, I can do 70 push-ups in a row without stopping now. Before I could only do 20. My chest has grown from that simple exercise as well with my triceps. You will burn calories by doing push-ups. & The great part is you can do them anywhere. I literally do them at work sometimes in our activity room whenever I feel like I have too much energy.

You guys can do it, if I can do it you can do it. Stop making excuses. Eliminate all of your triggers. Replace your old habits with new habits that are good. Porn is a corruption to the brain. It creates a brain fog that makes you view the world in a different way than normal. Your brain on porn basically makes you view the world as you are a king and nothing is on your level which is why nothing excites your or you’re always tired/bored and don’t want to be around people. Eliminate that brain fog and view the world in a different perspective you will appreciate things more. That’s worth it right? Best of luck guys. My next goal is Day 365. See y’all there. Congratulations new years resolutioners we’ve did it!

25 years old and it was Death grip was the reason I started nofap. Not feeling anything down there was enough to motivate me for change.

LINK- [Day 90 NEW YEARS RESOLUTION] – In a nutshell.

By GrandaddyPurpa540