Age 25 – I’m back to be the best version of myself

So today I turned 25, the perfect day and age to say that I have rebirth and become who I was supposed to be all these years.. Thinking back to one year ago when I turned 24, felt so depressed inside, always smiling to the outside world and everyone thought I was the happy lucky guy, but the inside was eating me. I was a prisoner in my own mind,

sentenced to lifetime. Felt so depressed that I went to buy that bag of cocaine before going out with friends and drink my ass off. What happened? Well as usual I got so drunk, had a “fun time”, took a lot of cocaine and thought that this was life!

Came home in the morning and couldn’t sleep because of the speed from the coco, watched some porn instead and fapped the whole morning. Was this life? Was this the thing that people called life? Drink, party, cocaine, chase girl to get laid, fap yourself to sleep..?

No my friends, this wasn’t life, this wasn’t who I was. Everything was an illusion created from the thoughts of my mind. Thoughts repeated every single day, nasty, dirty, horny thoughts of the most disgusting sexual behaviour ever.. But this was a year ago and the past, I have decide to let that be the past and stop think about it anymore, I killed that guy and moved on, I am now resurfaced as the man I was supposed to be. So what have changed?

Well I can tell you this my brothers, I haven’t take any drugs, alcohol or even gambled (was gambling addict before), for the past 6 months. I haven’t watched porn or fapped for the last 62 days, and no sex since late August.

Today I celebrated my birthday first with my family, together with my siblings and nephews, had a great moment with so much love, see the kids dance and just laugh, eating some nice food and some delicious cake.

And now, 23.01, I just came home, my friend drove me home, we went out for some food, talking about everything , about our dreams and what is waiting for us, and the hard work we have started and will finish together, to all success that is waiting, and just enjoyed life. He told me that from now on, everyday is my birthday and I should live the rest of my life like this, and I will. Why wait a whole new year to feel this moment of birthday? So from now on, everyday is gonna be like my birthday, go out there and just grab the day with my hands and enjoy every single moment..

Today brother, I am a whole new man, the man I was supposed to be, it feels so great to just go to bed now, without any problems for the moment, without feeling drunk or high, and just feel that I am back, back to be the best version of myself.

Together we will all become the persons we are supposed to be, man, women, animals if they do PMO, I don’t care, but we will make it, and I will do my best to help you get there,

Nofap for life <3

LINK – My birthday today, turning 25 ..

By Akilles_