Age 25 – More motivated, and more in control than I’ve been in a while

Hell yeah, hit 31 days today and how great of a way to start the New Year! I haven’t posted in like over a week. I think my behavior has been shifted for the time being and now I don’t have to think about it as much. That shows the power of habit right there.

Overall, big things that helped me this past month: getting a job and working full time again. Reading YBOP on Kindle almost every morning and before bed for a few minutes, writing down a “No PMO creed” and printing it in order to recite it before bed (which I did several times a week), updating the journal (especially in the beginning), and practicing gratitude and stoicism by journaling and reading. Of course, working out, eating clean, and avoiding over stimulation by way of stupid media was part of the process as well.

However, funny enough, I did get an attack of urges last night. I have been under quite a bit of stress and sort of dropped my guard. The tendency is still alive and well inside of me but it isn’t as strong these days. I find it easier to ignore it.

Overall, I feel better, more motivated, and more in control than I have in a while. It is still very much a challenge to deal with life rather than escaping but escapism ultimately results in time wasted and reduced strength. Life is too short to sabotage in that way. I must do whatever I can to move forward and become the man I know I can be.

LINK – 31 Days Today – Entering the New Year Stronger!

By JustaSimpleMan1